2017 - 2018 LMVC Concerts & Events

Please find below details of all concerts and events during -2017.

June 17th 2017

Pensilva School 7-30 p.m

Saturday evening concert with LMVC and the School Children. In aid of Pensilva United Church.

July 8th 2017

Halwil Village Hall 7-30 p.m.

Saturday evening concert in aid of the Church Tower

July 27th 2017

Launceston Show

September 17th  2017

Bude Methodist Church 6-30 p.m

Sunday evening concert with LMVC and Cheddar Male Voice Choir. In aid of local charities.

Sept 30th 2017

Central Methodist Church,  to be confirmed in aid of Defibrillator.

October 12th - 15th 2017

Away to Northhampton. Singing at various locations with other choirs.

November 5th 2017

Torrington Methodist Church 7 p.m

Sunday evening concert

November 24th  2017

Whitstone Village Hall

Friday evening concert

10th or 17th March 2018

South Brent  with Tamar Valley Male Voice Choir

March 24th July 2018

Taunton Deane with their Male Voice Choir